Though cowries are generally related to cash and outdated rituals, listed here are another belongings you won’t learn about cowry shells.

1. A cowry is a shell of a sea snail: That is why it was additionally referred to as shell money.

2. The phrase cowry seems to be an English phrase however surely, it’s not. Cowry is a Hindi phrase that means sea snails.

3. The Ghanaian cedi was named after cowry shells. The Akan tribe’s time period for cowry shell is cedi, therefore the origin of the Ghanaian cedi.

4. Again when there was no tinder or relationship web site, African girls, once they noticed a person they preferred, would put on cowries round their necks with the slit pointing outwards, to point they were keen on him.

5. It was generally believed world wide that cowries made girls more fertile and exquisite.

For many individuals at this time, cowrie shells make fascinating jewelry and decorations. Whether or not in jewelry or craft. Cowrie shells add the unique really feel of Africa.