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Whereas boys have swagger, men have class, or so they say, but it surely appears as we speak some men are boys and their male children are confined to the identical fate.

It is believed that men have worn earrings and plait their hair for as long as civilisation has existed. Young men discover this to be an enhancement to their looks and vogue statement.

Though disputed by some, traditionally the wearing of a single earring or stud on the appropriate ear is considered an indication of homosexuality.

“I am a guy who appreciates looking good at all times, as such i dress stylish, uniquely and alter my hairstyle as often as my mood dictates, (presently i’m carrying locks). Nevertheless, i’ve been battling with some “holy” individuals who felt that i’m a sinner due to my hair-do, and demand that i minimize it off.”

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As A Man Which Would You Fairly Do Freely, Plait Your Hair Or Pierce Your Ears?

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