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Gist prepares highly nourishing meals and delivers even during office lunch hours

Office Workers and other labor-intensive workers such as engineers, mechanics, and others are known for always eating junk and therefore malnourished because of the lack of good eating habits. has a solution to help you eat highly nutritional meals, the best part is that you can order your meals with just a few clicks on your phone, and your food would get delivered to you within minutes! specializes in African dishes such as Pounded Yam with Efo-riro, Assorted Goat Meat Pepper Soup, Amala and Egusi, Okro Soup with Panla Fish, Beans, and Plantain, Rice and Chicken and many more.
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Orders have started rolling in starting today, the 1st of March, 2021. You can place your orders by WhatsApp or simply by placing a call to 08026855569

Orders are currently in Lagos ONLY for now.


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