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DO YOU AGREE?? Savings And Investments Are Not For Everyone

This is more like an open letter to acclaimed motivational speakers! Savings and investments usually are not for everybody.

Y’all Stop pressuring everybody to “save and make investments.”

Stop telling everybody to “save for the wet days” when on daily basis is definitely a wet day in Nigeria!

A bigger proportion of individuals can only cater for their basic wants (a roof over their heads, meals and clothes), some can’t even afford primary healthcare!

Most individuals can barely survive from what they make! Be kinder to folks! As a substitute of yelling “Save and Invest,” why not present them (us) other ways of incomes more cash?

No be individual wen chop belle full dey save and make investments? Out of strain, some borrowed cash to invest in RED and Garri! They’ve entered one chance now! They’re crying…

Folks barely have cash left after bills, how do you anticipate them to SAVE and INVEST?

I once fell for this funding rip-off in 2016! I dragged the PASTOR who orchestrated it (it trended on main blogs), I feel I’m the one one who acquired his a reimbursement from that sham!

Lots of people borrowed cash to INVEST! Some took loans (Stupid yeah? Don’t blame them. Blame the “aspire to paspire and refire” individuals, they pushed them). A few of them haven’t recovered from this.

In 2021, I began a crypto trading group on Whatsapp (completely different groups). We lost over 5K {dollars} (individuals money dey inside too oh) I pay tire, my eyes saw “nwiiiinnnnn.”

Since then, discuss investment, na japa! Until I’m certain! LIKE 10000000% certain!

So please be kinder to individuals, some individuals need to invest, na SAPA hold them. Some na fear, they don’t need to be CHINMARKed or OVAIOZAed.

So, be kinder to individuals! In the event you are balling, show us the way. Na beg I dey!!!

Financial savings And Investments Are Not For Everybody – DO YOU AGREE?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.

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