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“Do you suppose I am overreacting” Girl asks as she opens up about breaking up with her boyfriend due to a public statement he made in presence of friends.

A lady ended a 2-year relationship after her boyfriend made a press release that embarrassed her in front of their friends and she desires to know if she’s overreacting. 

The lady stated she was out along with her boyfriend, his friends and their girlfriends. In the course of the outing, they had been discussing locations they’d go to as part of their “Detty December” plans.

She mentioned she wished to go to a popular restaurant in Lagos however her boyfriend laughed and stated, “with your 35k salary?”

She explained that this prompted everybody present to laugh at her and she felt humiliated.

She later told him how his phrases made her really feel however he told her she was overreacting. 

She ended up breaking up with him however now desires to know if her boyfriend was right and she’s overreacting. 

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