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Estranged queen mourns Alaafin of Oyo, says they were best friends

The estranged queen took to her Instagram page on Monday, April 25, 2022, where she penned a prolonged word about her late husband.

In accordance with Queen Ola, she was the King’s favorite and that did not sit right with many individuals.

“I was pondering it is all lies and that you’re coming again however I am afraid I was unsuitable. The daddy of my children, that I met at an impressionable age left when it was least expected. Every time I inform those that the bond we share may be likened to that of a “Siamese”, having been married to you at age 19, they’re more that transfixed,” she wrote.

“We have been virtually best of friends however the moment they’d an inkling about whom your favourite was, every thing flopped. Alas! the kids and I can not see you anymore nor converse with you any longer however I vehemently believe you might be seeing us, how I wish we will nonetheless have few phrases as a result of I’ve obtained a complete lot to tell you.”

“I am bereft of what to inform the boys particularly, Adejuwon, as a result of, at his age, he reads and surfs the net so much that curiosity will get maintain of him and has already know lots about you.”

“You stay to me, a greatest father, instructor and mentor and husband that ever bestrode the landscapes. Almighty Allah will forgive all of your sins and settle for your return.”

Queen Ola was reportedly sent packing from the Alaafin’s palace in 2020 over infidelity allegations.

She was alleged to be courting Nigerian music star KWAM 1.

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