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Former Akwa Ibom Governor, Victor Attah, desires Nigeria to return to parliamentary system [ARTICLE]

He mentioned this throughout a digital Public Coverage Dialogue, organised by Ricchezza Initiative for Social Empowerment, monitored in Uyo.

The previous governor mentioned that the authorities that should influence on the folks should originate from and preserve common interface with the folks on the grassroots.

He stated that the price of election within the presidential system had robbed the lots of the allegiance of their representatives.

The elder statesman mentioned that public office holders now strove to fulfill the yearnings of their sponsors on the detriment of the individuals who voted them to power.

I came here with something, “COME LET US REASON TOGETHER” because I knew that whatever you are, whatever your exposure, however intelligent you are, you can’t do it alone.

“You must have a community that works with you, tells you what their needs are, tells you what their demands are and leadership means being able to fulfill those things for the people.

“Today, people do not truly communicate with their representatives because they do not really seriously need their vote to get into offices.

“That is why the presidential system is not working for Nigeria.

“The parliamentary system made it possible for those representing the community to be elected by the community, not the party, not the law court.

“The people would know who they want. You cannot rig the conscience of the people.

“The cost of election today is tremendously expensive, making it difficult for public office holders to do what the communities want. They do what the sponsors want.

“To campaign across the country in the case of presidential election or across the state for those contesting as governors, you need a lot of money.

“So, the moment you are sworn into office, you focus on your sponsors,” Attah stated.

Attah mentioned that the parliamentary system of presidency would give room for true federalism, the place the federating items would have the ability to take full management of their assets.

Mr Udeme Etukayin of Ricchezza Initiative for Social Empowerment, who anchor the discussion board mentioned that the coverage engagement sequence was designed to xray views with the purpose of evaluating solution-driven management and governance in Africa.

Based on him, Attah is the Lead Speaker on the discussion board as a result of his wealth of expertise, influence and knowledge within the design and growth of Uyo masterplan.

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