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Gideon Okeke performs lead in Japan-Nigeria coproduction ’20 Pound Dream’

The brand new movie which stars AMAA winner, Gideon Okeke, Obi Okoli, Tina Mba, and Swanky JKA, Senegalese actress, Aïssa Maïga ; and Japanese cast Kenjiro Otani and Shinsho Nakamaru was shot in both Yokohama, Japan and in eastern Nigerian cities together with Enugu, Nnewi, Onitsha, and Awka.

It follows the story of Kene (Gideon Okeke), who owns a kung fu studio in Nnewi. He’s a disappointment to his family, who need him to assist his father run the trading and manufacturing enterprise he based on a 20 pound dream after the Biafran War.

Kene’s lover, Nnenna (Chioma Idigo), convinces him to take a job as a police department informant on the different end of the world: Yokohama, Japan. The Afro-Chinese triad is making inroads into the ports there, so the police want a contemporary face who has by no means been to Japan before, somebody they’ll mould discreetly into their force as a ghost to the neighborhood.

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“It’s a film about self-discovery, destiny, choice and how family can be the catalyst for the good and the bad that eventually happens to us,” says director, Okoroafor. “Kene’s life and dreams are far away from the 20 pound dream his father and uncle restarted their lives with after the Biafran war, but, as we will discover, everything is tied to that dream.”

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