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Girl who is not engaged boasts about discovering ‘excellent’ $20 marriage ceremony costume

Woman who isn

A lady has left folks involved after she boasted online about discovering the perfect gown for her big day then admitted she hasn’t met her future husband.

The lady wowed a web-based wedding ceremony group when she gave particulars about discovering the marriage gown of her dreams in a vintage store for simply $20.

The lady wrote on a Fb group: “Found my future wedding dress today.

“I fell in love with this dress and couldn’t pass it up. It was only $20 and it fits perfectly.”

Woman who isn

Fb customers commented after she posted photos of herself looking fantastic in white. Numerous individuals mentioned that they envied her.

Woman who isn

However issues took a turn after she admitted that she is not even engaged despite the fact that she has her wedding ceremony gown prepared. 

She came clean after getting some congratulatory messages.

She mentioned that she purchased the gown in preparation for what would possibly lay ahead, not for any time soon.

She posted: “Thank you for the congratulations! I’m not actually getting married yet, but you know… Someday.”

Woman who isn

Somebody commented, saying that whoever is dating the lady ought to “run for the hills.”

One person wrote: “I like the dress for like a simple low budget beach wedding type thing, but to buy a dress without having a wedding planned (or mans for all we know) is odd.”

“Wait…not getting married yet but owns a dress?” questioned one other.

One particular person commented: “Are we just gonna gloss over the fact that she’s not even getting married?”

One other agreed, saying: “This is how you scare away any potential future partner. Man, woman, non binary, all of the above or fluid. Lady, you’re TERRIFYING.”

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