Red Box right here; one other Red Box there. It’s not yet Christmas, however there are Red Boxes in all places. What’s happening, gaan, gaan?

These are the questions on everybody’s lips, as Nigerians woke up this morning to find some mysterious, though lovely red boxes in a number of areas across main cities within the nation.

On each of those boxes is a QR Code, with the hashtag, #SpotTheRedBox. This feature offers us a clue that it must be part of some PR stunt or brand activations in the making. No matter it’s, we’re waiting…eagerly.

However we ask: which brand is painting the City Red?

What occurs when one scans the QR code?

Curiosity, they are saying, kills the cat. However that na cat wey no soji. Fairly, we’re certain these boxes will make us richer with the experience because the delightful Red Boxes trace of fascinating discoveries for many who are BOLD enough to find out.

Possibly it can land whoever scans the QR code some wonderful gifts or freebies – Dear Lord, you know… you know… we are able to all do with some freebies at these particular times.

Or perhaps it will take the Audacious one to a website, a portal, or land us in some Timeless places with wonders untold and excitement aplenty like the metaverse? Hmmm! Who knows?

So, fellas and people, let’s Go out there. #SpotTheRedBoxScan the QR Code. And come again here and share with us your enthralling experience.

Don’t fear, we won’t ask you for our own share.

As for me, I’m Aspirational… I wan go #SpotTheRedBox. Fast. Quick.