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House of Rep steps down the bill seeking age limit for political office holders

The bill which was slated for second reading was met with stiff opposition by lawmakers who were against age restriction within the political sphere.

Leading the debate on the bill, Eke stated that although the house had passed the Not-too-Young-to-run bill, the political sphere was nonetheless being occupied by the aged.

He mentioned that the bill, when passed, would make youths in the country comfortable, in response to their demand for inclusiveness throughout the #EndSARS protest.

The lawmaker mentioned that youths weren’t only the leaders of tomorrow but that of today as well.

Bede mentioned that the bill sought to peg the age for presidential aspirants at 70 and 65 for members of the National Assembly.

The Minority Leader, Rep. Ndudi Elumelu (PDP-Delta) mentioned that the bill be stepped down to permit for extra consultations.

He mentioned that Section 42 of the Constitution prohibited any type of discrimination in opposition to any Nigerian, regardless of age or gender.

Rep. Jide Jimoh (APC-Lagos) mentioned that the sponsor of the bill had good intentions however that the bill was not correctly packaged.

Jimoh suggested that the bill be stepped down or be put to a voice vote for the ruling of the speaker.

Rep. Uzoma Nkem-Abonta (PDP-Abia) mentioned Nigerian laws made sufficient provisions for youths participation in politics.

He mentioned that at the age of 35, any Nigerian was allowed to vie for any work at the National Assembly and that at the age of 40, anybody might turn into a state governor.

Nkem-Abonta mentioned that rather than throwing away the knowledge of Nigerians in their 70s from the political sphere, the age restriction ought to be reviewed downward to accommodate younger folks in their 20s.

The Deputy Minority Leader, Rep. Toby Okechukwu (PDP-Delta) mentioned that the bill ought to be allowed to pass for second reading.

He mentioned that at the committee level, the age limit should be further reviewed to accommodate youths in their 20s rather than stopping the aged from occupying political offices.

Rep. Ahmed Jaha (APC-Borno) additionally mentioned that the bill ought to be stepped down for further consultations.

In his ruling, the Speaker of the house, Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila stepped down the bill for further consultations.

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