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“How much is minimal wage?” Motorist expresses outrage as he narrates how he was charged N110,000 for “unlawful” parking in Lagos

A motorist has expressed outrage after he was charged N110,000 for parking his automotive at an “unlawful” spot.

The Instagram consumer stated he went out together with his mechanic to purchase a battery hanger for his automotive and he parked instantly in entrance of the store when they got there.

He remained in his automotive whereas the mechanic bought down to buy the battery hanger.

When the mechanic returned and he was about to drive off, he mentioned some officers accosted him and accused him of unlawful parking.

He claimed they then towed his automotive with him in it to their office and dented his bumper in the process.

He revealed that he was charged N110,000 for unlawful parking (80K high-quality and 30K for tow cost) and N2,000 for gate charge to permit him drive his automotive out of the compound.

He explained that he needed to make calls before the ticket was decreased to N25,000 and he still needed to pay N2,000 for the gate fee.

He wrote in part: “110,000 Naira aira for unlawful parking, is that this not ridiculous?how much is the minimum wage within the nation?how are you going to charge somebody that muc… What if I didn’t know these folks that referred to as on my behalf, the place would I’ve gotten that kind of ridiculous quantity to pay? This nation is a large number.”

Read his post below.

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