At the peak of gas shortage, my spouse befriended a filling station manager, a mallam!

She received two full tanks of gas, one for herself, one other for her buddy; and 20L for me.

I innocently and gladly accepted, in a jerrycan. I didn’t even pay, to be honest.

Few days later, after we had a bit misunderstanding, she bragged to me that the gas I’d been utilizing to cruise round was given to her by a person like me! Harmful talks.

Since then, although we settled considerably, she’s been receiving unusual calls at odd hours.

Few nights in the past, I used to be woken up by her shouts on the telephone; that she’s a married woman and that the particular person on the other end ought to stop calling her!

I couldn’t help but think and imagine it was the manager.

As if she didn’t know he was married earlier than she swindled the person of his gas!

There’s no free lunch, even in Freetown.