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NCDC says some health workers don’t consider COVID-19 as real.

 spoke at a convention to mark this year’s well being week. The theme of the convention was “Disease outbreak in Nigeria, are we ready?”.

He stated that it was “amazing and inexplicable” for medics to doubt the truth that the pandemic was an actuality, and significantly regretted that many express such doubt openly.

“To handle the doubt, there is the need to increase the level of awareness on the virus.

“As health workers, there is no one of us that does not know at least one person that has not been confirmed COVID-19 positive,” the official identified.

He stated that the notion about COVID-19 was nonetheless low and other people weren’t adhering to the essential protocol of wearing facemasks.

The official called for increase in communication and the necessity to interact with the media on the pandemic, urging front line health staff to be COVID-19 ambassadors by speaking the message and letting individuals know that the disease was around.

Dr Olaolu Aderinola, Head, Response Division, Department of Health Emergency, Preparedness and Response, additionally urged varied partners concerned within the COVID-19 fight to speak up.

“We have so many partners working with us to bring out this message on COVID-19. As NCDC, we are working very hard and things are going smoothly but our partners are the ones that will speak for us,’’ Aderinola stated.

He, nonetheless, stated {that a} survey performed by the centre revealed that individuals nonetheless trusted health workers passing the message, and called on medical doctors to proceed speaking up and living by example.

The professional noticed that some patients who go to hospitals had been usually pressured to put on facemasks, including that some health workers had been additionally not carrying facemasks appropriately.

“You find patients shaking hands even in laboratory, but the message is for us to wear facemasks consistently and in doing this, we must ensure social distancing.

“Health workers must lead by example. NCDC has come up with a travel advice on our website; we need people to stay at home until it is very essential to travel,’’ Aderinola stated.

He mentioned that NCDC was anticipating a special Christmas and New Year celebration this season.

“We expect a difference in the festivity because everyone will need to maintain physical distance, especially in crowded arenas,” he stated.

Dr Roland Aigbovo. President, Association of Resident Medical doctors, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter, stated that information of the development of vaccine for COVID-19 was cheering.

Aigbovo suggested medical doctors to repeatedly observe precautionary measures to reduce the spread of the disease.

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