The realm where bandits function, in response to Lai Mohammed, minister of information and culture, makes safety operations tough.

The minister revealed this on Saturday during a radio program on Bond FM, in response to NAN.

He claimed that the present administration had put resources into combating insecurity, however that these efforts could be more effective if residents backed up the government’s efforts.

“We’re also pleading with Nigerians to join in this fight because they’ve plenty of roles to play in tackling this insecurity. It is because these criminals called bandits live amongst us; they interact with the individuals as well,” he stated.

“Who’re those supplying them with meals? More so, they also have landlords. Individuals ought to expose these criminals after which, the various efforts of the federal government might be effectively complemented and we will see the results.

“We have now been trying our best in the struggle against the bandits by equipping our security equipment. The government has purchased aircraft so that they can fight alongside the troopers. We have not rested on our oars.

“The welfare of the police is also given enough consideration and really lately, this administration recruited 25,000 constables and deployed them to their home states. This may go a long way in community policing.

“It will likely be simpler for the newly-recruited constables to work successfully. There are many work in progress within the safety infrastructure and personnel.”